Moving to a new website

The EntranceFey Ilyas / Foter / CC BY-SA

It’s been a great four years blogging with Edublogs. So many things changed for me over this time; I graduated, changed career path, landed exciting (and less exciting) contracts, started getting deeply involved with IATEFL LTSIG and many more. I think I’m not the only one to feel that as we progress and evolve, things impact on us and make changes inevitable, even welcome. After all “there is nothing so unchanging, so inevitable as change itself”. And this is how I decided to say goodbye to my old “digital” home and move into my new one.

The decision was rather quick; I knew there were things I could take with me (posts & comments) and things that I couldn’t (subscribed readers/ traffic/ add ins). But I needed the flexibility of a new website so I didn’t look back. Traffic and numbers have never been my priority, anyway.

I can’t complain about the process either; First, I did some research on the options available but didn’t spend too much time on this. Options are innumerous and it can take forever if you ponder up on everything out there. It didn’t take me long to decide I’d go for WordPress – more flexible, user-friendly but still professional. Then, I asked colleagues who had already moved websites for advice. I set up WordPress on BlueHost and purchased my domain name I then exported my previous blog’s content into a XML doc and imported it into my new website. Finally, I posted a brief announcement on my previous blog. Done!

I know I will be coming across broken links or glitches for a while so I’d appreciate if you would contact me with any problems you may see. I’m also aware it will take some time to update all my accounts and get people to link to this new site. Design and add ins will also take quite some time. But the hardest part is over.

Here’s to new beginnings 🙂


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